R&R 12.5 with Oracle 9 issue

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R&R 12.5 with Oracle 9 issue

Post by Davidfrums » Thu Oct 20, 2011 8:10 pm

Hello,__we are experiencing problems with a R&R 12.5 report and a Oracle 9 database.____Details Database:__Oracle x64__NLS_CHARACTERSET=UTF8____Details Client:__Windows XP (Language German)__Oracle Client with ODBC-Driver__NLS_LANG=GERMAN_GERMANY.WE8MSWIN1252__R&R 12.5.000__RSW.INI has the Parameter: AlwaysRR=1____To keep it simple, there are two small tables in the Oracle DB.__CREATE TABLE TABLE1(__ PROFILEID NUMBER(10) NOT NULL,__ NAME VARCHAR2(60 CHAR) NOT NULL,__ QUERY CLOB NOT NULL,__ USERID NUMBER(10) NOT NULL__)____CREATE TABLE TABLE2(__ NATIVEID VARCHAR2(32 CHAR) NOT NULL,__ NAME VARCHAR2(256 CHAR) NOT NULL__)____The report uses views to access the two tables:__CREATE OR REPLACE FORCE VIEW V_TABLE1(__ field1, field2) AS SELECT__ NLS_UPPER(SUBSTRC(t1.name, 1, 2)) field1,__ NLS_UPPER(SUBSTRC(t1.name, 1, 60)) field2,__ t1.query__ FROM table1 t1;____CREATE OR REPLACE FORCE VIEW V_TABLE2(__ field1, field2) AS SELECT__ NLS_UPPER(SUBSTRC(t2.name, 1, 60)) field1__ NLS_UPPER(SUBSTRC(t2.nativeid, 1, 32)) field2__ FROM table2 t2;____The field values of V_TABLE1.field1 and V_TABLE1.field2 are displayed wrong. In SQLPLUS all entries displayed correct by accessing the view or the table.____Any hints what we can try or what setting could correct this behavior?____Sample Output of V_TABLE1 after export as text: à®é_|òÞ}ò^ÀÕ¹øÍ÷ÀÍ«¾Ü°____Thanks in advance__Pascal

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=> RE: R&R 12.5 with Oracle 9 issue

Post by kfleming » Sun Oct 23, 2011 8:27 pm

Is there any other ODBC driver than you can try?____Kathleen__R&R Support

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