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R&R and Excel

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2001 3:28 am
by Graham_(Guest)
I have been told to but R&R to make getting reports from excel easy for me given my limited maths knowledge. It was made sound as though I could have the raw data in excel and then use R&R to extract sales reports sales persons averages type of sales etc etc and just update the raw data as the month went on and receive updated summaries. Am I on the correct track?

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Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2001 6:03 am
by kfleming
The SQL version of R&R will indeed allow you to report on Excel data in the manner you have described.____Kathleen__R&R Support

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Posted: Tue Feb 15, 2005 6:24 pm
by anna_docwra_(Guest)
when our users choose export to excel work book they get a corrupted file .____the date columns come in with funky characters __does any one know a work around other than text csv?____Anna

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Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2005 8:50 am
by kfleming
You could use the DTOC() function to convert the date to a character string.____Kathleen__R&R Support