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R&R Sql export to Excel 2007

Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:35 pm
by Carol_Mitchell_(Guest)
I have seen a couple of posts regarding the fact that export to worksheet cannot be brought up in Excel 2007. The response has been "The workaround is to export to csv text which can be opened in 2007." That DOES work as long as you don^t have any zip codes with leading zeros in the file. Leading zeros are dropped in CSV files. I have been opening the worksheet file on a computer without Excel 2007 then saving it to a normal XLS file which CAN be opened in Excel 2007. Extra work is not something I am looking for as I have enough...thank you very much. I see that there was supposed to be a Beta test last year. Can we expect export to Excel 2007 soon?? After all, it is now 2010 and the worksheet files have not been the standard for AGES.