Software applications and R&R

Over the years we've worked with or supplied a variety of utilities. As questions about RattleRR, RapidRunner, PDFeXPLODE, pdfEburst, converter, librarian, data dictionary, Amyuni, etc.
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Post by dennisc01 » Fri Jul 23, 2004 1:36 pm

I am using both Ver 8 and Ver 9 xBase with CAVO 2.5B__I have interfaced reports to run from the application menu to run reports (but I can not use user query (filter usage)__I got a rrrpt32.dll "wrapper" module from Jamie McLeod for R&R Reports__and it allows running default queries from the file menu and I can__use a "Print" button from a window to run an Invoice Report or a __Purchase order report. The only way I have been able to reports using__a user query qt runtime is to use "RRS" control files from the start__button. If I could get the syntax figured out for the setfilterusage()__to run the report from the app menu w/user query, this would be fantastic. Kathleen, maybe you can help?__Or, if you have Jamie McLeod^s telephone, there may exist some additional info for passing the setfilter"?" into the dll.__Thank You

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Post by Mickey_Shekdar_(Guest) » Tue Feb 22, 2005 8:25 am

We are using R&R with a maintenance management system called SOMAX. This system tracks our maintenance of equipment and also our inventory of parts.____We are setup on a network and accessing the application (SOMAX) through Citrix. R&R is also setup on the same network and accessed the same way. At this time, we are experiencing all kinds of printing issues, and our IT staff cannot pinpoint the area causing the problem. The SOMAX people say it^s not their application, because others don^t have this problem.____We have experienced Library errors, when no one else is in the system, we have issues where the user is kicked out of the application when attempting to print a report. Variable not found errors, lockups etc. ____Our version of R&R is 10+ build 10.1.001 and it was installed 7 months ago.____I am planning to talk with R&R tech support, but waiting to hear from my IT people, before I do.

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Post by Nancy_(Guest) » Thu Sep 22, 2005 12:28 pm

Cougar Mountain, one of top 10 accounting software comes packaged with R&R

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Post by Barry » Tue Apr 18, 2006 6:00 pm

I am using R&R with Access. The Access report writing capability is far "clunkier."

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Post by Randallpruts » Tue Apr 18, 2006 7:12 pm

Hi Kathleen,____>> We know that R&R is used by a wide variety of users so we are trying to collect a list of the software applications that are being used with R&R so that we can publish that list to our web site. <<____CA-Clipper 5.3b____>> Hopefully this will help users to connect with other users of the same application and share R&R knowledge. <<____Hope humbly then, with trembling pinions soar! <g>__- A Pope____>> Maybe you have written a custom data dictionary for the application or have a report that you now could not live without! <<____Or, better, maybe you have a report that^s so cool, it even trumps Advantage security! <gd&r>____>> Or maybe you have questions that you think another application user might be able to answer. <<____At this late stage of development, IMHO, unrequited necessity ought take center stage.____>> Does you application come bundled with Crystal but you are sticking with R&R? <<____The crux of the biscuit! <g>____>> Here is your chance to speak up and help to bring the database reporting world back to its roots. <<____Yes, the report writer shouldn^t fall far from the backend. <g>____>> We were first and we still are the best! <<____YOU were first,and best. There^s still the nagging issue over obliviscence of the disagreeable however. <g>____Converted to prayer: Oh Liveware!, please grant me the wit to skirt this issue; and the beer to forget what should have been a cakewalk, amen. <g>____Derek__

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