CDX MasterIndex under CA-VO 2.5b

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CDX MasterIndex under CA-VO 2.5b

Post by daidarkin » Wed Apr 03, 2002 10:08 am

I am having difficulty overriding the MasterIndex property for multiple-index tag Advantage CDX files to set LowScope/HighScope at runtime. It appears that the Active X Viewer control allows me to set the MasterIndex for character index tags, but not numeric or date. For example,____ oReport:MasterIndex := "C:DBNAMES.CDX, C, LASTNAME"__ oReport:Scope := 2__ oReport:LowScope := "B"__ oReport:HighScope := "C" ____works fine, but the following does not...____ oReport:MasterIndex := "C:DBNAMES.CDX, D, BIRTHDATE"__ oReport:Scope := 2__ oReport:LowScope := "01/01/1960"__ oReport:HighScope := "01/01/1970" ____Any ideas?____

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=> CDX MasterIndex under CA-VO 2.5b

Post by ChesterPholf » Sun Apr 07, 2002 5:48 pm

Try removing spaces between parameters, i.e.____ oReport:MasterIndex := "C:DBNAMES.CDX,D,BIRTHDATE"____The example given in R&R Developing Applications help file includes spaces, but the parser won^t handle them. If no MasterIndex is saved with the report, any character index tag work fine - I guess this must be default behaviour.____I spent half a day working on this until I accidentally stumbled on the solution. Perhaps it will be fixed in the next revision - it also makes code more readable.

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