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by David_Kirbawy_(Guest)
Tue Jan 13, 2004 1:36 pm
Forum: R&R ReportWorks Users
Topic: rrw and rrwrun failures version 8
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rrw and rrwrun failures version 8

When I send a report to an HP (PCL6) laser printer on a Novel network I occassionally get the message that rrw (or rrwrun) failed and that an error log was created. ____Where is the error log created and what is it called ?____Dave____
by David_Kirbawy_(Guest)
Mon Oct 14, 2002 5:31 pm
Forum: Pre-Sale Questions
Topic: export format
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export format

I create a form in R&R with lines and colors to look like an order form. When I export the form from R&R runtime the form looses something in the translation. Is there an option in version 10 which handles this ?