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by pdempsey
Thu May 20, 2004 3:44 am
Forum: R&R ReportWorks Users
Topic: Date Calculation
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I would try this approach to see if it would work.__If you divide the days between dates (a built in function) by 7 you will get the number of weeks. Each whole week has a weekend, so you can subtract two days for each whole week. Then you^ll need some iif statements to check the start day for perio...
by pdempsey
Wed Dec 10, 2003 3:48 am
Forum: R&R ReportWorks Users
Topic: Expression data entry
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=> RE: Expression data entry

Try reinstalling. Very wierd problems sometimes go away on reinstall. :-)____-Pat-
by pdempsey
Sat Dec 06, 2003 10:15 pm
Forum: Enhancements / Suggestions / General Comments
Topic: Web Site
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==> RE: Web Site

One reason I try to stay away from Norton is that it tends to "own" your computer, giving people unintended results.__-Pat-
by pdempsey
Thu Oct 09, 2003 1:49 am
Forum: R&R ReportWorks Users
Topic: Fox to Excel (formatted!)
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=> RE: Fox to Excel (formatted!)

Thanks, I^ll check it out.__-Pat-
by pdempsey
Sat Sep 27, 2003 10:18 pm
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Topic: R&R v10 Crashes Upon Save
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===========> RE: R&R v10 Crashes Upon Save

I^ve fixed crash on exit problems by changing the printer saved in the report to one that is available. Perhaps when the Novell system was changed, all of the printer drivers were moved and the printer was not available.____Deleting a report and then remaking it would provide a new printer driver al...
by pdempsey
Sat Sep 27, 2003 9:59 pm
Forum: R&R ReportWorks Users
Topic: Flagging First Instances
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==> RE: Flagging First Instances

Try grouping on the customer ID and sorting on the Customer ID + transaction date (or the field the system uses to order the transactions sequentially). Use a group header as your print line so that only the first record of the group will print and don^t print any record level lines.____This is off ...
by pdempsey
Tue Aug 26, 2003 11:14 pm
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Topic: R&R in Terminal Server Environment
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===> RE: R&R in TermServer Environment

There are all kinds of rights and permission settings in terminal server, especially TS 2003. I^d start by seeing if logging on as administrator makes the problem go away. If so, then figure out what rights you need to give for the user, group, and/or folders.____-Pat-__-Pat-
by pdempsey
Tue Jul 22, 2003 2:30 am
Forum: Pre-Sale Questions
Topic: Date Limitations in R&R Version 10
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======> RE: Date Limit in R&R Version 10

That technique of identifying the most current record is very strange. Wonder who told him to do that. Sounds like the old 9999... for the end of the file. Have you tried to assume that since Oracle must validate dates, using the iif(error(date), "character string", dtoc(date)) That might ...
by pdempsey
Sun Jul 20, 2003 2:23 am
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Topic: 2 Gig file limit
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=====> RE: 2 Gig file limit

I don^t think you can expect Liveware Pub to do all the development and testing for an obscure database server. I^ve been the owner of a database development company for 18 years, using DBF files (Visual Foxpro now) and have never heard of this server. Clipper is way beyond it^s useful life and it w...
by pdempsey
Sat Jul 12, 2003 12:44 am
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Topic: RL problem in Citrix/Win 2000
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=> RE: RL problem in Citrix/Win 2000

I had a similar problem with V9. It had to do with the printer driver. As I remember it, the printer saved with the report was not available on the system. I could be wrong, but try changing the printer driver to one available or to another driver and see if the problem goes away.____-Pat-